• Communication Science for Equitable Care

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    Empowering Teams and Patients to Manage Chronic Conditions 

  • Mission


    We're on a mission to use the power of communication science to radically improve health outcomes for all.


    At Amah, we're making health equity a reality, for our loved ones and yours.

  • Receive Health Coaching With Clinicians That Speak Human Language


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  • Skills for Managing Chronic Conditions


    Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    Feel More In Control of your Chronic Condition

    Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 

    High Blood Pressure Basics

    Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    How to Manage High Cholesterol

    Source: American Heart Association



    I found the Triple-A Framework™ most helpful because it gives me a way to dialogue with the patient in the most non-offensive and helpful manner.” - Karen Stockdale, RN


    “The Triple-A Framework™ is an easy tool to remember and helps increase patient participation during my visit with them.” - Christina Sandy, RN


    “The Triple-A Framework is the most helpful. This skill will help me a lot in identifying and solving my patients' concerns and barriers.” - Pha Tran, RN

  • Team

    Human-centered innovation in healthcare

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    Yi-an Yang, MS, MA

    • Cross-cultural health communication
    • Parallel speech analysis
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    Stephanie Willding, MPA

    • Health administration
    • Partnership development
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    Dr. Daniel O'Keefe, PhD

    • Behavior science
    • Persuasion theory
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    Dr. Kasia Hein-Peters, MD

    • Psychiatry and behavioral health
    • Health and vaccine communication
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    Daniel Luff, MA


    • eLearning architecture
    • Learner engagement strategies
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    Christina Sandy, RN

    • Clinical Operations
    • Patient communication
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