• Equipping health teams with evidence-based communication science for effectiveness, efficiency, and well-being

    New course! Influencing Health Behaviors in Chronic Care Visits

  • Mission

    We’re on a mission to use the power of communication to radically improve health outcomes.

    Because everyone has a right to their health.

    Healthcare teams want their patients to be healthy and well. People want to be healthy and well. But sometimes, variations in beliefs, social norms, habits, and abilities can get in the way of optimal health outcomes.


    Amah provides science-backed communication strategies and tools to help healthcare teams to unpack patient beliefs and preferences, equipping them to have more meaningful conversations. Our methodology draws from validated research within communication science, behavior science, and health behavior change theory. The result? Improved treatment adherence and better patient health.

  • Products

    We use a three-pronged approach to support you in improving your patients' health outcomes

    Modular mini-course

    Our modular mini-course covers research-backed communication and health behavior change strategies for you to advance health equity during patient encounters

    Healthcare team dashboard

    Our healthcare team dashboard provides a tailored "cheat sheet" for you to remember communication structures and techniques, along with helpful examples

    Coaching and consulting

    Our group coaching is where you can put the techniques into practice and discuss questions with your fellow learners and course facilitators

  • Let communication scientists help you improve your professional life and beyond

    eCourse: Influencing Health Behaviors in Chronic Care Visits

    Take 15 minutes a day to finish 8 mini-modules, at your own pace.

  • Team

    Human-centered innovation in healthcare

    Yi-an Yang, MS, MA

    Founder and CEO

    • Cross-cultural health communication
    • Parallel speech analysis

    Alan Arriaga, MBA, MS

    Operating Partner

    • Operations
    • Tech startup advisory

    Dr. Daniel O'Keefe


    • Behavior science 
    • Persuasion theory

    Dr. David T Liss


    • Primary care innovation
    • Team-based, high-value primary care delivery

    Dr. Watik Maghroudi, MD


    • Family medicine
    • Passionate to serve marginalized diverse patients

    Dr. Rosa Rios, MS, MD


    • Family medicine/OB
    • Health communication

    Dr. Kasia Hein-Peters, MD


    • Psychiatry and behavioral health
    • Health and vaccine communication

    Daniel Luff, MA


    • eLearning architecture
    • Learner engagement strategies

    Stephanie Willding, MPA


    • Community outreach and partnership development
    • Grants administration and program development
  • Awards


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